STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Russell

January 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hi all! As I enter my third semester as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista, I can’t wait to explore more unique outfits worn by unique people. Although I’m entering my third semester as a Style Guru, I’m entering my second semester as a college student. I’m still finding my way around and deciding what I want to pursue a degree in since my journalist dreams are slowly fading.

Although I’ve realized that maybe writing my whole life isn’t exactly what I want to do, my love and passion for shopping and pairing clothing articles together continues to grow. Now I’m in the midst of deciding if business and fashion merchandising is what I want to do. I’ve also realized that I can’t work in the fashion industry, be a teacher and also president within one lifetime—so I’m not only finding my way around college, but also finding my way through life, which results in growth in many ways.

One dramatic difference I have seen is within my style. As my sister says, this style reflects a “grunge” look, but I tried to keep it semi-monochromatic (sounds like an oxymoron). I paired my suede button-down skirt with my striped black shirt and kept it simple with only arm jewelry. Unfortunately, I had to refrain from wearing a necklace because my gold-bar necklace is broken; the outfit was still complete with my arm candy. I partnered my watch, a detailed black bracelet and also abstained from counting my steps with my FitBit since it would be a distraction from the outfit. I also kept it simple with a pair of plain black booties. Sometimes, a simple outfit actually contains a lot of detail so it isn’t always a bad thing to not wear a lot of jewelry.

Although this outfit was taken while walking the streets of sunny Florida while on vacation, this outfit can easily be worn while I’m trekking through the snow on my way to class next semester by adding tights and a fuzzy cardigan for the cold Illinois weather!

I cannot wait to complete a full year of being a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista, but for now I’ll continue to gain inspiration from all my fellow Style Gurus and those I have the pleasure and ability to feature!