January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Aubrey Webb and I am so excited to be back for my second semester with CollegeFashionista. I am currently a senior at Oklahoma State University studying Apparel Merchandising. Upon graduation, I plan on—scratch that, I still have no idea.

My wardrobe is pretty versatile; you can catch me head to toe in lululemon leggings and tank tops or wearing distressed jeans, a sweater and booties. Black is my go-to with the occasional splash of color thrown in with accessories or lipstick. I love taking trends and trendy pieces and using them as inspirations in my wardrobe.

Fashion has always played a big part in my life; I have always loved putting together different outfits for myself and my friends. I believe that defining your personal style and dressing for your body type are two of the biggest and best things a person can do. Over the years, I have learned what styles best fit my body type and what works best for me.

Although I have learned what best fits my body and defines my personal style, that was not always the case. I went through many fashion phases in my life, my favorite (and by favorite I mean most humiliating) being when I owned every single color (yes, every color) Juicy Couture tracksuit. Looking back on that phase, I am overwhelmed with shame as well as extreme pride. I mean, I should be proud about owning every color right?

On the rare occasion I get invited to a super fancy cocktail party and get to dress up, you will without a doubt see me in something resembling a flapper dress. I have always loved the fashion in the 1920s and swear I was a flapper girl in my past life. I love anything covered in sequins, glitter or fringe.

I am so excited to be back for my second semester with Collegefashionista and cannot wait to show you the fashion on Oklahoma State’s campus.