Welcome, my name is Asha Smith and I am a freshman at the University at Albany. I am extremely excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team. Fashion holds an important significance my life. It represents how I have become my own person over the years. I remember growing up, I used to follow all the latest trends and watched what the “it girls” wore. I tried my best to imitate what was popular at the time, often ignoring what I actually liked or felt comfortable in. I also followed absurd fashion rules such as colors or prints have to match. I still get flashbacks to a horrid pink plaid shirt and hot pink shorts I once wore. I am proud to say that all that had changed when I entered high school. Those four years were truly a period of great style transformation. Yes, I experienced a lot of trial and error, but I eventually found my own style. Even though I have discovered my real style, I can’t exactly describe it in a word or two. For example, I am not simply boho or just grunge. Today I can have on the latest fast fashion and tomorrow I could have on a classic outfit. That’s the great about thing about fashion, though, you don’t have to conform to one kind of style. You can be as versatile as you wish.

During my style transformation, I didn’t stop reading fashion magazines and blogs, or noticing what others around me wore. Those resources really taught me so much about fashion, and what it means to have to true style. Throughout this time I gained more self-confidence. I no longer worry if others will like my outfit or not. My style is not to please others or fit their standards. Before this transformation, I constantly felt pressure to have the perfect outfit, now I do not feel that. Most importantly my transformation has trained my eye to notice and appreciate true style around me.

My goal as a Style Guru is to display a variety of styles to inspire my readers. I hope that it encourages you to experiment and to appreciate fashion even more. I am looking forward to all the great things this semester has to offer.