STYLE GURU BIO: Ariana Quihuiz

August 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey guys! My name is Ariana Quihuiz (pronounced kiwis, like the fruit), a fan of all things fashion and a Grey’s Anatomy enthusiast. I am a sophomore at Boston University studying journalism. Originally, I am from San Pedro, California, but I spend most of my time in Boston nowadays, my home away from home.

This is my first time as a Style Guru and I am beyond excited to start reporting on the fashion on my campus this fall, but I am no stranger to writing. I have been a writer ever since I was a kid and have even written some articles for my college’s student run magazine. One day, I hope to be the editor of a major fashion magazine, ambitious but hopefully doable. Every month since I was a teenager, I would buy the latest edition of Seventeen Magazine and, as I’ve gotten older, that’s grown into other fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. My style, on the other hand, hasn’t always been the greatest, cue the footsie pajamas paired with a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers when I was two (I had a major obsession with The Wizard of Oz). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to pay more attention to how I dress and the style identity I want to create for myself.

I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel good and reflects how you’re feeling on any given day. That’s probably my favorite part of fashion: the fact that you can express how you’re feeling through your clothes and can completely change the dynamics of an outfit by adding statement accessories. I’ve done this with my look through my black choker necklace, which provides an edgy vibe to the outfit, and my wedge heels from Target, which make it a bit more dressed up and feminine. I’m all for cute style on a budget; looking through the sale racks can be a total pain, but a lot of times you can find some really great clothes at an affordable price. Occasionally it’s also nice to splurge a little on an item to add some flare to your outfit, like my pair of Juicy Couture aviator sunglasses.

My personal style is a mix between girly, edgy and boho clothes. I like a nice pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket, but I also like a simple black dress with a flower kimono. One of the many things I love about going to school in Boston is that I get to experience all of the seasons. I am able to change up my style according to the season and really play with my outfit choices.

I can’t wait to share the great styles that I discover this semester with you all and see what my fellow Gurus encounter! Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. To keep up with my latest posts and fashion findings, follow me on social media. Here’s to a great fall semester!