Hello there fellow CollegeFashionista/os! As you can see by my profile, my name is Anneke. If you have trouble with the pronunciation, don’t worry, so do most people. It sounds like Monica without the “M.” I’m a Chicago girl at heart, but I go to school at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I’ll be spending this spring interning for RedBook Magazine in New York City. Can you keep all of that straight? Don’t worry, neither can I. I don’t like staying in one place for long. At school, I’m majoring in English and German. Weird right? I’m a shopaholic word-nerd who is addicted to reality TV, and I believe that it is my personal mission to stylize the world one person at a time. My hobbies include crafting, traveling, eating pizza and doughnuts and writing for my personal style blog Knot Couture

Asking me to define my style is one of the hardest questions to answer. I love to experiment with different looks. One day I am feeling ’90s grunge, and the next day I am feeling flirty and feminine. One day I am strutting down the street in a pair of five inch heels, and the next day I am lying on the couch in my joggers and Nike Roshes. My style depends on my mood. Cliché alert: my style is my favorite way to express myself. That phrase is overused, but it is true. What to know how I am feeling? Check out my outfit, and it will give you a better idea.

If any of this crazy rambling resonated with you, send me a message or give me a follow. I would love to hear from you!