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January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

What’s that? You love film photography, all things minimalist and could probably pitch a tent inside of a COS store and never leave? Great, we’re going to get along just fine. I’m in my third year at UCLA and after changing major one too many times (reference my previous STYLE GURU BIOS for some LOL’s), I can definitively state that I am an Italian Studies-Art History double major. Because if there’s anything I love more than getting dressed in the morning, it’s getting dressed in the morning to look at great artwork and speak a beautiful language.

As someone who is constantly on the go and forever living out of her suitcase, I usually have to make the tough (but necessary) decision of classic stapes over über trendy items. As much as that baby pink faux fur jacket is calling my name, how will it ever fit in a carry-on? Such are the questions by which I live my life. So naturally, my daily uniform tends to the darker side of color spectrum, as a black wardrobe will never fail you. It’s been said time and time again but black is both lazy and put together, non-pretentious and arrogant. It’s the perfect mix that says you appreciate looking nice when in fact you probably didn’t put too much thought into your outfit that day.

I’ve also recently been having a major style infatuation with menswear for women and masculine-inspired pieces. There’s just something so timeless about a great pair of trousers and a button-up or a chic blazer thrown over anything. Once you’ve got the essentials down pat, there’s so much more room to play around with the little details of it all. In my opinion, it’s the subtle things that say everything: the cuff of a pant leg, a vintage wristwatch or a band collar. Studying in Italy for the past five months, I’ve bore witness to so many of these little fashion moments and I can only hope to bring back to Los Angeles some of the style tricks I picked up along the way. The Italians are known for dressing so well because they pay attention to every little detail and really value looking put together, something most UCLA students could learn a thing or two from.

Follow along this semester as I attempt to emulate the effortlessly sleek style that I’m convinced only Europeans can pull off. So listen up UCLA, if you’re wearing black, have a penchant for minimalist style or just happen to catch my eye, be prepared for some CollegeFashionista coverage. Show me what you’ve got, Bruins.