Hi friends! My name is Ana DeVito. I am a journalism and sociology double major at New York University. This is my first semester at CollegeFashionista, and I will do my best to impart my wisdom of fashion to you, as any Style Guru should. I’m also excited to learn some new tips from other Fashionistas/os.

I fell in love with fashion in high school. I was a competitive dancer who realized that I liked getting ready for a performance more than actually performing. The costume designers and makeup artists were intriguing, and I wanted to learn more. From there, I read The Teen Vogue Handbook cover- to-cover and followed Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid on Instagram. I started wandering into the luxurious sections of the mall, because nothing inspires me more than looking at a Chanel Boy Bag. My motivational speech during finals week is “Do it for the Birkin.”

Vintage Chanel and the classic Birkin decorate my walk to class. These little glimpses of inspiration are the reason I chose to go to school in Manhattan. Living in one of the biggest cities in the world is magnificent, but overwhelming. I certainly do not have it all figured out. One certainty, that makes life a bit less confusing, is the presence of high fashion. Handbags are a staple to the hustle- and- bustle streets of New York, reminding this small-town New Jersey native everyday why she moved to the city in the first place.

My style is high fashion on a budget. I do my best to replicate the looks I see in magazines. I can’t exactly afford the real thing on a babysitter’s salary, but I make do. Thrift shopping is a great way to find staple pieces, considering modern fashion is usually just a twist on an old style. The rest of my wardrobe is mostly from Topshop, Brandy Melville and Nordstrom.

It is pretty cliché coming from Manhattan to say that I wear a lot of black, but it’s true! I love this outfit, because it’s chic with a high-top, suede sneaker. Then again, it’s also casual, with a ripped jean. It will even keep you warm and cozy all winter long with an oversized cowl neck sweater. For extra warmth, throw on a wool coat. I love my hobo bag too. It’s a functional accessory that can carry all of your things on the way to class.

I’m looking forward to this semester, taking class, interning at Editorialist magazine and writing for CollegeFashionista. I cannot wait to share my experiences and style with you. Here’s to a great semester!