STYLE GURU BIO: Amelia Sechrest

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello all you Fashionistas! My name is Amelia Sechrest, and I am a junior at North Carolina State University. I am studying fashion and textile management with a concentration in brand management and marketing, and I hope to work in corporate marketing for an apparel company.  I’m extremely excited to begin this journey writing as  a CollegeFashionista, and being able to share my love of fashion with you!

I was born and raised in Cornelius, North Carolina. It’s a small lake town a few minutes north of the city of Charlotte.  Growing up in this area has made me want to stand out a little more than the rest.  The Lake Norman area is home to a lot of wealthy, and preppy, people. My style here has been influenced by a need to stand out from my neighbor, while still blending into the crowd. I buy all the same things as everyone else, just in black.  I go to school at NCSU, which is about three hours northeast of Charlotte in Raleigh, so that’s my usual stomping-ground.

When I’m not in school, at my sorority house, the library or downtown, I’m shopping.  I live to hand over my credit card to the cashier (even when I only have $20 in my account).  I’ve been ballin’ on a college student budget and I make the most of what I’ve got! I love getting dressed up and heading to the nearest shopping center or mall and perusing the latest styles.  If I’m not shopping, you can find me wrapped up in social media, or watching E! and Bravo, soaking up everyone else’s drama. I love to be connected, whether that be to current events, friends or to fashion.  It translates to my personal style because I always like to include the current trends in my looks—as pictured in my lace-up Urban Outfitters top (you know you’ve seen every girl on Instagram wearing one.).

You can see me here in a typical date night look.  In this outfit, I paired my top with an also on-trend burgundy leather mini skirt from Zara.  To keep up with the fall look, I wore a pair of hose and some lace-up heels from Zara.  For a little local touch, I added my double-wrap arrowhead choker that I purchased from a fellow NCSU student’s Instagram shop.  I love buying handmade jewelry and making my own layering necklaces.  My earrings are my new skinny Sheila Fajil hoops that I treated myself to for my 21st birthday.  Large hoops always make me feel like it’s okay for me to be extra-sassy.  On my wrist I have my all-black Nixon TimeTeller, the sleekest watch in the game for a surprisingly low price.

I’ll be keeping y’all up to date with the latest trending styles this spring season for the everyday edgy, glam, grungy, trendy, but still semi-average college girl.  I can’t wait to share my campus’ style with everyone!