STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Suarez

I’m a senior in college but feel like a freshman in life. Fun Fact: I will find and purchase any flannel shirt that has ever come into existence. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

I’m a vegan, so I love me some faux leather combat boots and cruelty-free makeup looks: drugstore and high-end products alike. Animal safety is something that’s really important to me, so real leather, suede and fur are big no no’s. But there’s good news! In today’s fashion world, there are incredible replacements for these style materials, and they’re usually much nicer to your wallet. I definitely incorporate some vegan accessories to add flair to my look. As a practicing yogi and runner, I own about 5,000 pairs of high-waisted black leggings. Speaking of my personal style, I would describe it as an off-duty dancer whose wardrobe is largely comprised of various shades of black…and on occasion I look like a very cold medicine woman.

The perfect look is the one that makes you do a double take in the window of that appliance store you pass on the way to class. Feeling good about what you’re wearing is not only a really unique expression of your personality, but it helps others identify that personality and set you apart from the crowd. It can propel you into a pretty awesome day, too (if I say so myself). My best days always come from my best outfits because I’m in a good mood to begin with, and that starts a day out right. With a fierce and fiery look, a Fashionista can conquer any challenge this crazy life throws at her. Bonus points if you make some pretty incredible memories in your rockin’ duds.