Hello, my lovely Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I’m writing to you currently from the uncharacteristically sunny city of Chicago. This is my third semester as a Style Guru, but if you haven’t stumbled across one of my bios yet, let me reintroduce myself.

In the fall I will be going into my junior year at DePaul University. As far as my studies go, I’m double-majoring in Journalism and Public Relations as well as minoring in Graphic Design. I have a fear of limiting myself––clearly.

When I’m not in the library studying (which is pretty much always because I hate the library), you can usually catch me at a yoga class, going for a run or at Zara stalking the new arrivals.

I am a simple woman when it comes to fashion: I enjoy classics with a hint of spice. I’m not talking curry though; imagine the one powerhouse piece in your closet that really packs a punch. For me, that would be a pair of killer boots, a statement coat or even a crazy purse.

This look pictured really encapsulates everything about my style: one part trendy, one part classic and one part cool/weird. I went for an off-the-shoulder top, because anyone that has eyes knows that off-the-shoulder is the new crop top. I went for a classic blue, which makes this trend appear a little more clean-cut than some of its bohemian cousins.

On bottom I went for a pair of flares, but in a dark wash to keep them timeless and classic. I paired the look with a pair of blaze orange wedges. I would like to imagine that if Paris Hilton (à la The Simple Life) were to go on a hunting trip, she would probably wear these.

For an even greater effect, the orange of the wedges happens to coordinate perfectly with the orange of the drink straw on my quirky purse. This purse is genuinely amazing, if only for the curious side-eye glances I get while walking down the street. This bag is the perfect example of an accessory that takes the look one step further.

That’s just about all you need to know about me, so cheers to a super RAD summer!