STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Yoon

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey guys! I’m Allison. A city living, exercise class junkie, I am a science geek with a love for fashion and film. This will be my fourth semester with CollegeFashionista. For this summer I will be living in New York city as an intern for Morgan Clifford while taking acting classes and eating good food.

Last summer was my first semester with CollegeFashionista. A lot has happened since then. I had spent the summer in Los Angeles capturing different Fashionistas with the Southern Cali vibe then jetted over to Chicago and finally ended the summer in New York before starting as a sophomore here at Michigan State. After experiencing Fashionistas in a big city setting, it was a challenge to find Fashionistas around campus weekly. I finally realized, with the help of our amazing CollegeFashionistas here, that writing about big puffy coats in the winter is what is exciting and adaptable about on-campus living.

CollegeFashionista has helped me grow as an individual in every aspect of life. Being a Style Guru pushes me to jump out of my comfort zone and talk to people I normally wouldn’t. Time management is the biggest thing CollegeFashionista has helped me develop. After being a Style Guru for three semesters, I have gained a better understanding on how to target Michigan State’s audience and incorporate high fashion into my weekly articles.

I am extremely excited to capture New York’s street style this summer! After checking out the new trends, I look forward to discovering how other Fashionistas embrace and personalize their looks. The style I am aiming for this summer is easy going with sneakers so that I am always up for a new adventure that awaits. Stay tuned for more Monday articles talking about the Fashionistas I find while exploring New York City!