STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Kennedy

Hi my fashion forward friends! My name is Alexis Kennedy and I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. I can honestly say that my second year in college is shaping up to be even better than my first. As strange as it sounds, I have grown so much from my first year to now. I’m more confident with myself and because of that I am more confident in my style. I went to school in an area where everyone wore the same thing. When something would come into style, everyone would have it and it was just the standard wardrobe. However, in high school I started becoming more interested in the sort of New York street style bloggers like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat embodied. The casual and effortlessly chic style that Danielle showcases is what I try to implement into my clothing choices. I love classic pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good leather jacket paired with black jeans and a pair of booties.

Some people may say that I wear too much black and I probably do, but black is always a good idea because it is flattering on everyone. To me, flattering shapes and silhouettes are something that I pay extremely close attention to. In a world where both men and women are made to think that their not beautiful because they don’t look a certain way or have a certain body type, I think it is important to highlight what you love about yourself. Whether it is your hair or your eyes or even the way that your butt looks in your favorite jeans, everyone of those components makes up your style and your style in a way makes up who you are yourself. Your closet is somewhat of a diary and the way you wear your clothes and pair pieces together is the writing. I’m excited to share a little piece of myself with you guys and how fashion can portray your mood and a little piece of yourself with what you decide to put on that morning.