STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Graham

May 25th, 2015 at 8:38am

Greetings my fellow Fashionistas/os!  My name is Alexis Graham, and I am a current junior at the fabulous Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. I major in Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Business. I also currently intern at a local boutique called Diva’s and Devil’s House of Style, a little bohemian hangout spot right in the middle of my town with a wide variety of vintage clothing and accessories for the modern-day gypsy.

With my major being based in English, one wouldn’t be surprised to hear that reading and writing have always been my primary sources of personal enjoyment all my life. However, fashion and personal style became a huge hobby for me towards the end of high school.  It always intrigued me how some of my friends would really step outside of the box with their wardrobe, and it especially struck me how oftentimes I noticed their independent styles aligning pretty closely to their personalities and lives. When I began working for Urban Outfitters as a sophomore, I realized fashion wasn’t just the clothing and accessories you chose to throw on every morning—it’s a way to share and exemplify how you see yourself to the outside world.

This enchantment only expanded when I studied abroad in London last fall semester. Spending four months in arguably one of the most fashion-conscious cities in the world, as well as spending countless weekends on planes and trains to other cities throughout Europe each with their own personal culture and fashion sense garnered in me a sense of awareness I hadn’t had before. Style is an artistic display of how one lives their life, especially in concurrence with how their immediate society lives theirs. There were places like Camden Town in London where alternative and punk rock music flooded the pubs each night, while the walls of each building were covered with amazing street art. You saw this simultaneously in the wardrobes of all of the locals: immense creative freedom was practiced with bright contrasting prints and colors, and many paired with the practicality of dark combat boots to fight the constant drizzle. Then there were places like the South of France where the calmness of the French Riviera translated into a mass amount of linen button-down shirts with breezy pants or pastel-shaded shorts.

My personal style only reciprocates everything I’ve said. I’m a 1960s hippie with a Midwestern flare. I’m a passionate person, if you can’t already tell, with an overwhelming sense of wanderlust. I’m carefree and drawn to good energy. I love pieces that tell a story, such as vintage weekender bags, brightly colored bell-bottoms and pretty much anything with a good fringe detail. With that said, I also like clothes that are well-made and could last several lifetimes. Leather and denim are abundant in my closet for that reason. This semester I hope to share with all of you not only the trends of Florida State University, but the stories behind them. Let’s rock this summer!