STYLE GURU BIO: Alexander Kariuki

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexander Kariuki

Hey there! My name is Alex and I’m a senior at St. Vincent College. I am pursuing a double major in graphic design and communication. Fashion has always been on my radar as far as interests go and now I get the chance to explore this avenue thanks to CollegeFashionista! I LOVE LOVE LOVE color, first and foremost, and I love quirky fashion and accessories. I enjoy photography while also being a great writer, so I look forward to polishing all of the jewels that are these skills this coming semester.

While I agree that trends and the latest fashion are cool, I gravitate towards the daring, sexy and contrasted/juxtaposed fashion styles. When someone throws together an outfit it can tell you a lot about their character and how they approach life in general. I enjoy simple pieces, solid colors and the mix-and-match that these conditions are thrown into. An example of how fashion speaks about the individual would be with me in this outfit. I am a simple and humble character but I still stand out and catch people’s attention.

For this look I chose to wear white H&M sweatpants, a brown coat for the weather, blue sneakers along with one of my favorite sweaters. The look, while unassuming, conveys a lot about me as a person. I love color and contrast; the white color symbolizes my pure heart and the blue sweater has fantastic detail that complement the white so subtly that untrained eyes might miss it! The shoes are a pair of sketchers slip-on shoes that bring me to another point; some of the best outfits and greatest looks come from the simplest and cheapest arrangements.

Just like good plating can affect how a meal is viewed and received, so can putting together some very strong pieces will affect how one’s outfit is viewed and received. I hope I inspired some great looks and ideas throughout this article! Make sure to follow my social media for article teasers and posts. I am always ready to engage people, so never hesitate to tag me anywhere!