STYLE GURU BIO: Aidan Graybill

January 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello again, friends! I’m Aidan, and this is my second time around as a Style Guru. I’m excited to kick off spring semester with CollegeFashionista and you all. I am a sophomore newly studying Anthropology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an active member on the Equestrian Team and work at a local boutique downtown.

With these activities and other demands of being a cooperative member of society, my schedule is just as jumbled up and packed as any other human’s. When the days get stressful I like to decompress by making comfortable clothing choices for long days, eating my favorite foods, watching Netflix, cuddling with animals, etc.

Not only should your clothes make you feel good while wearing them, they should feel good in contact with your body. To me, that means well fitting and as soft as clouds. My favorite jeans are midrise skinny jeans from Citizens of Humanity because they are super stretchy, fit me just right and basically don’t feel like pants at all. Although we all know jean shopping sucks, when you find that prize pair it’s worth the hour of sweating while changing clothes in a cramped dressing room. Also, going with darker washes of jeans for the winter months is a pretty typical style play. They can add sophistication to any outfit and are extremely flattering.

I love a good pair of Converse, with sharpie hearts for a touch of personality (and to keep you occupied during those lull moments in class, right?). Today I was really feeling this thrifted and gifted elephant print button-down shirt I received from a dear friend, and I borrowed my sweet roomie’s white Coach purse to coordinate. I finished off my look with a blanket scarf for added coziness and some hot pink lipstick to brighten it all up.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for a lot more articles this spring!