STYLE ADVICE: Too Cool for School

The New Year and the new term are fresh on my mind and honestly, winter break gave me a much-needed respite to revitalize from the stress of last term. Now that I’m back on campus, I’m settling into the rhythm of another term here on campus.

While I’m all about getting comfortable with classes, I never want complacency to taint my personal style. In my opinion, complacency is the death of both creativity and inspiration, which are two skills I’ve resolved to develop more during 2017.

Sometimes, though, creativity and inspiration come from the past. This Fashionista put her own twist on reinventing the classic schoolgirl look. By changing out knee-highs for thigh-highs and a plaid skirt for an oversize plaid button-down, she exchanges schoolgirl-cute for cool-girl edgy. A pair of velour platform sneakers in burgundy adds just enough contrast to this outfit to make it truly unique.

This Fashionista lets her style speak for itself by going minimal on makeup. Sometimes, less really is more. A bold brow and a touch of highlight on her cheekbones, temples, and the tip of her nose are just enough to compliment the drama of this outfit. It all comes together in a way that comes off as effortlessly put-together.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fallacy of complete originality when it comes to creativity. But the truth is, fashion really hasn’t changed since the 20th century. At this point it’s style that continues to evolve. In my opinion, that interpretation of creativity in fashion is what’s truly inspiring. Give that a thought next time you feel like you have nothing to wear; you may just surprise yourself!