STYLE ADVICE: Spring Forth into Summer

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Spring Forth into Summer

We are one month down in spring and two months to summer. However, with the daily average temperature nearly 80 degrees here in Florida, we know it’s already summer! It’s time to wear comfy clothes that would get you through the heat. If you don’t have your spring/summer wardrobe ready, don’t worry. You could follow this Fashionista’s look for an inspiration for your wardrobe.

She has a light textured blouse paired with wide-cut shorts perfect for the hot summer weather. Her burgundy backpack adds color and volume to her outfit, while her sunglasses and jewelry, especially her crystal earrings, have a posh vibe. I love her full outfit together; she not only looks relaxed, but still sleek and à la mode. After chatting with this Fashionista, I came up with a few tips that could help you create a sophisticated summer outfit collection.

First, enjoy your style. When I spotted this Fashionista she was radiant in her look. Remember we all have different tastes, so be comfortable in choosing clothing that speaks about your style, even if people around you don’t feel your vibe.

Second, maximize every kind of discount and sale. This Fashionista used the employee discount at her work to her advantage. She saved some money even while buying herself the accessories of her choice. Sometimes people are discouraged to check out some stores because they think it’s too expensive. Whenever I check stores that are expensive, I always receive markdowns through sales and coupons so keep an eye for that.

Third, be open while deciding on where to shop from. If you limit yourself to one store or a few stores, you might not find some great pieces waiting for you. For example, this Fashionista got her shorts from Amazon!  After reading this article, I can’t wait to explore different stores and chip in my style while shopping for the summer! How about you?