STYLE ADVICE: Simply Bombin'

January 30th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Simply Bombin'

I spotted this Fashionisto on campus and instantly knew I needed to capture his look. He was leaving an afternoon class, and was soon headed to an event in Birmingham. When asked what inspired his look, he said, “Bomber jackets are really in right now.” And he is so right!

My favorite part about this Fashionisto’s look is that he chose to wear a simple white shirt and jeans so that the jacket would really stand out. The bomber makes the main statement, and then he adds sunglasses and a watch for a final touch.

The Michael Kors jacket is light, so it’s perfect for the crazy back-and-forth weather of a typical Alabama spring. It’s not too hot, but it keeps you warm during the colder, breezy hours.

The Fashionisto chose Converse shoes to keep the look casual, and I think the white shoes paired with the white shirt is what makes the outfit pop.

His choice of accessories though are what really ties the look together. The Ray-Ban sunglasses are simple enough that they don’t steal the show, and the Fossil watch makes a statement that says “I’m fashionable but I mean business.”

When asked about any changes the Fashionisto would make to alter the look, he said he would trade the Converse for Calvin Klein Clarke boots to dress up the outfit. In fact, he was planning on making that change himself for his event in Birmingham that night. He said, “It’s a simple change that instantly amps the look up from casual to dressy.”

Based off of this look, my style advice to you is to find a bomber and let it be the statement. Feel free to add some accessories, and don’t be afraid to choose casual shoes or dressy shoes, depending on where you’re going!