STYLE ADVICE: Shifting Into Spring

STYLE ADVICE: Shifting Into Spring

With the cold weather ending and the warm days coming in, it could be a little awkward when picking out an appropriate outfit for this confusing weather. So here is some advice to keep looking stylish while shifting into spring.

This Fashionista’s look says beginning of spring all over it. She kept it fun and light while also keeping warm in this mildly chilly weather. It is time to steer away from those thick and cozy winter flannels and dig up your thinner flannels. Instead of layering under the flannel with a T-shirt, choose a tank or simply button it up like this Fashionista. One of my personal favorite parts of spring is bringing all my light colored jeans back into my wardrobe. Pair your flannel with some light colored denim. A distressed design is always trendy right now. This Fashionista chose a baby blue denim pair of jeans from American Eagle Outfitters that are stretchy. She decided to wear her jeans that have rips in the knees for a more edgy look.

The shoes she picked out really yell spring. Staying with the lighter theme for this time of year, she is wearing tan booties from Call It Spring that are very low and have no heal to keep it casual. This Fashionista wanted to break up the lightness by using a darker handbag. She decided to use her black Michael Kors handbag. You can find a low cost, canvas styled handbag similar at Forever 21 or H&M.

A tip for the on and off April showers: you may want to pick a flannel that has a hood, or keep a rain jacket handy.

Remember, you can never go wrong with keeping it light weight and light colored. However, some dark color in the spring is always okay to break it up. I hope this outfit could influence you while deciding how to shift from winter wear into spring fashion!