Now more than ever, our little stylist hearts are yearning for the dawn of a new season—spring, that is. Bring out the tulips, the sunshine and the beach days. What’s that? Oh yes, I do apologize; as a Southern Californian, I have it relatively easy around these parts. The dawn of spring brings the end of the winter quarter, and boy, can I not wait for that.

Despite our everlasting 75 degrees, we get our fair share of brisk winds here in Westwind. This Fashionista flaunts a cold weather friendly look without sacrificing her own personal style. Doing so can be accomplished easily by updating your everyday staples, while stowing away the crops and minis for a warmer day. With a touch of color, this Fashionista’s skinnies foreshadow the bright days of May. Her top neutralizes the color scheme by muting the forest green with a starch white. However, its knit detailing highlights her eclectic mode, similar to the wondrous ads of an Anthropologie catalogue. To fight the breeze, she layers a light, ankle-skimming cardigan—elegant and ethereal like the wings of a bird. This detail elevates her basic getup, plus she garners style points with pretty twirls. Additional accessories, such as her tribal necklace and alabaster watch, distinguish her look from the next by displaying her personal taste in a understated manner. Overall, her pieces unite her fashion individualism, making for a snapshot worthy outfit on a chilly March day.

As you check the weather report before dressing in the morning, do not let limitations, whether rain or shine, bar you from wearing what you want. The key is finding a balance between personal touch and necessity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always put you first. Do not silence your fashion voice based on the current trends and rising styles. Embrace what you like and maintain authenticity in all that you wear.”