February 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Everyone likes to dress up. Dressing up, whether it’s publicly or in secret, is about breaking all the rules and being whoever you want. Fashion allows people to dream and do just that.

There is no better time to take the fashion risks than right now. It’s 2016. It is acceptable for men to paint their nails and girls to rock green hair. Today, there are no rules and no boundaries in fashion.

What was considered to be a no-no is now hip today. Take the Western look, for example. Previously, the Western look was only relevant for actors on western shows: wrangling cows, riding horses and entertaining all those above the age of 70. It was a style no one cared for and was often associated with those who counted cows for a living.

However, trends change like the wind and today it is all about embracing the cowgirl style and especially fringe. Since the pre-fall 2016 fashion shows, fringe has been at the top of everyone’s list and incorporated into everyday looks, whether it’s a fringe purse, fringe boots or an all-out fringe jacket.

Fringe is like a fashion accessory in itself. It takes something ordinary, like a jacket, and transforms it into something memorable. It’s a glamorized version of that western, cowgirl look. It takes the casual, toughness of the western culture and transforms it to haute couture. This Fashionista’s vintage, fringe jacket is a must-have because it adds movement, flair and boldness to her outfit.

This Fashionista incorporates fringe into an everyday Western look that is incredibly stylish and chic at the same time. She let her inner cowgirl shine by pairing her jacket with funky shades, a turquoise necklace, a floral headband, cowgirl boots and a copper ring. The cowgirl boots, another rising trend, keep her true to the western style and adds uniqueness.

This is an extremely hard look to pull off because there is a thin line between looking too cowboy or too ordinary. However, she embraced the trend all the way, whether it was pairing her fringe jacket with cowgirl boots or pilling on the jewelry, the effort is apparent and the result is daring and fashion-forward. Against the sea of ordinarily dressed students she looks ready to take on anything!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like Western looks, I think they are really cool and when I take the time to pick out an outfit I feel ready to conquer the day.”