Summer has past and fall is officially in full swing. Fall can become tricky to dress for especially in Colorado when it is chilly in the morning, but then becomes warmer in the afternoon. It is tough to find the perfect blend of not too cold and not too hot. A chic and casual way to dress for fall is by simply adding a decorative shawl to a warm-toned outfit. This Fashionista makes fall look so fashionable on her. With deep maroon skinny jeans and forest green T-shirt, this Fashionista is ready to take on the newly brisk weather in autumn tones. In order to dress for the fall weather and to make her simple outfit look effortlessly chic, this Fashionista adds a black and gray shawl. I personally am a huge fan of shawls because they are super easy and turn the outfit up twelve notches. They are very easy to wear and perfect for fall because they keep you warm on the nippy mornings, but easy to take off when you’re warming up.

Aside from the decorative shawl, this Fashionista spices up her outfit with a statement necklace and retro aviators. Since this Fashionista’s outfit was simple the necklace really adds a special touch of style. The necklace is multicolored and beaded, which give it a tribal vibe. This Fashionista’s outfit lacks intense pattern so the necklace does a lot for the outfit and goes perfectly with it. Aside from the necklace, the outfit is also pulled together by the gradient, light brown Ray-Ban Aviators. The colorful reflective aviators were extremely popular this past summer, but the faded classic aviators fit the tone for fall and can complement any outfit well. The outfit is finalized with chunky, short black felt boots.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice to create a cute outfit for fall is to keep it simple, but add a statement shawl for a quick and easy touch that is guaranteed to make your outfit chicer.”