The forecast for the past few days has been a bit unpredictable given the amounts of snow, rain, ice and gloom that have plagued the city skies and students commuting to class. In a fashion world revolving around spring and summer collections during fashion week, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s appropriate to wear when the sidewalks are smothered in slick ice sheets and the hood you wore to protect yourself from the sudden onset of hail obstructs your vision and you slip and fall on all fours in an icy puddle. Maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but this did happen to my friend last week!

Freak accidents aside, a forecast calling for wintry mix must be both taken seriously and skirted around. Footwear aside, this Fashionista finds a perfect pairing that embraces the spring forecast while also respecting the present one. Her interpretation of a wintry mix has made for an ensemble reminiscent of many of last year’s fashion week highlights.

She begins by taking two winter pieces and appropriating them with a spring vibe given their fresh cream color and styling. Big buttons are reminiscent of the J.W. Anderson ready-to-wear show that featured oversized embellishments, cream and matching top and bottoms. In a similar vein, the buttons and colors were also present at Céline, along with midi length skirts like this Fashionista’s. She’s complemented this skirt, one that she bought on the street in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, with a simple, crewneck sweater.

She makes the look work for a night out with embellished nude heels and keeps warm with a woolen plaid scarf. Keep in mind, if recreating this look during a wintry mix weather day, say yes to the scarf and no to the pumps (unless there’s no sign of precipitation)! Thank me later.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let bad weather scare you! Do what you want.”