Summer has finally arrived! This means white is now officially in season. Fashionable summer whites are full of fun dresses and detailed white pants that have the bees swarming around you because the outfits are so sweet.

There are many different white combinations one can wear. The “white” trend is the most vibrant trend of the summer. White pieces are easy to find as stores recognize the lightness of the season and stock accordingly. The white look goes with any kind of summer day.

To rock the white look, you can have many different signature styles: boho, preppy or urban chic. You can add a pop of white into any of these styles to make them fresh and fun after hitting the beach all day.

White jeans should be your starting point! When attending a late night beach bonfire, try adding a nice jean jacket to compliment your white jeans: the contrast of color makes for a perfect match. Want an easy going look at a Sunday brunch? Pair the white jeans with a beautiful J.Crew black tank top and some black wedges. Wherever you’re beginning of summer takes you, embrace it with a pop of white in every outfit, or even go above and beyond by wearing a chic all white look with the only pop of color in the heel.

This Connecticut summer girl rocks her style with white pants detailing at the ankle. These J.Crew white jeans are my fan favorite for the summer. This Fashionista shows a look of comfortable yet cute. Her effortless collaboration is finished with a handmade Ann Lightfoot stone flower necklace (now that will attract the “bees”). This beautiful red head Fashionista has a fabulous look that is sending waves of summer vibes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whites make me look relaxed and cool at all times of the summer.”