STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Warm Winter Essentials

The past week has been a chilly one with temperatures below the 20s. This cold climate poses a challenge for all Fashionistas/os, forcing them to get creative with how to stay both warm and stylish. I know that personally, the cold weather makes me want to bundle up in sweatpants and cuddle with some blankets and a nice cup of coffee, but I would definitely not be upholding my Style Guru name by falling so susceptible to these chilly temperatures. Although this is a daily dilemma for me during the winter, it does not seem like such a problem for this Fashionista, as she has solved the puzzle with a only a few pieces: a puffer jacket, blanket scarf and beanie.

For this Fashionista, her quilted puffer jacket is crucial to staying warm. The length of her jacket is essential, as the knee-length coat allows most of her body to be covered, further ensuring warmth during these cold days. The navy blue Madewell coat can be worn with almost anything, as the black piping along the zipper and sleeves makes the coat more versatile, while also adding a touch of subtle detail to this winter classic.

Next, this Fashionista adds one of this winter’s most trending pieces to her outfit: the blanket scarf. This oversized scarf can be seen everywhere these days, as it is an incredibly warm piece that also makes a voluminous statement. This Fashionista’s scarf has an eye-catching plaid pattern, woven with rich shades of blue and just a touch of black, which ties perfectly into her coat.

The last winter essential shown by this Fashionista is the ever trusty beanie. A neutral colored beanie is a must-have piece for the winter. Not only does this gray Urban Outfitters beanie keep this Fashionista warm on even the chilliest days, but it also adds a slightly edgier touch to her otherwise feminine outfit.

We can’t forget to pay tribute to this Fashionista’s handbag. Although her bag is not necessarily a winter essential, a good leather bag is never a bad investment. Tying the whole outfit together, this Fashionista sports a tan and navy Dooney & Bourke purse that she picked up from her hometown consignment store, Augusta Mae Boutique and Fine Consignment. The navy purse matches perfectly with her scarf and jacket, while the tan in the handbag adds an extra pop of color to the outfit, lightening up the otherwise dark outfit.

Clearly, this Fashionista knows how to continue looking cute, even when she is forced to bundle up a bit. Don’t sacrifice your outfit just because there is some extra frost on your car and ice out on the roads. Just as this Fashionista shows, even cold weather essentials can still be chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in a few good cold weather pieces this winter. A versatile jacket is definitely a must-have, while a blanket scarf will never fail to keep anyone warm.”