STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Walking in a Winter Summer-land

It is another South Florida winter and we all know what that means, another 80 degree season. Having one season that ranges from hot to extremely hot does not give South Florida girls the easiest time to dress in their winter wear during the holiday season, but there are always ways to dress more for the season even in the Florida heat.

This Fashionista incorporates dark, wintery colors into her daytime look. She wears a tribal printed crop top with high-waisted, black flowing pants and uses great accessories to achieve a boho-chic look. She accompanies her flowing pants with some brighter accessories. Her teal jewelry and her white backpack help balance the winter colors to help us Floridians mix both summer and winter into one. The stylish, round glasses add a fun flare to her outfit, while adding to her summer accessories.

The most outstanding part of this outfit is the cropped top. The form fitting tribal top has a criss-crossed back that is really flattering in the front and back of her outfit. The dark colors scream winter, while the short sleeves satisfy the Florida weather. This top is great with the outfit the Fashionista has chosen and would work with a maxi skirt or with high waisted, dark jeans.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to incorporate your favorite summer accessories with your winter wardrobe. I think it is the perfect balance and this way, you can use all of your clothes year round and still feel great.”