When you think of velvet, the first thing you think of are either cupcakes or a fabric that is only used for interior decorating. But over the years, fashion has transformed the perception of velvet. This season, velvet has taken the fashion world by storm. Through fashion, velvet is more than a cupcake flavor and not just on couches and chairs.
Velvet has been a trend seen across many runways for this season. This is a fabric that has been used for hundreds of years, usually for royalty. Velvet was made popular for its unique texture, which is something a plain cotton T-shirt does not have. Creating a T-shirt out of velvet completely transforms the basic T-shirt. The decadence and luxuriousness of velvet that was once only for royalty is now available for anyone to wear.

Many items can be made out of velvet, such as dresses, blazers, pants and even shoes! Along with all the ways velvet can be worn, there are many colors of velvet besides red. This season, darker colors of velvet such as dark blue, olive green, purple and burgundy are popular for the winter. The versatility and properties of velvet make it easy to wear today.

This Fashionista is wearing a dark blue velvet romper with sheer black tights and black booties. These chunky heeled booties give an edgy vibe and contrast with the girly romper. This dark blue romper has a detailed neckline filled with a jewels and an open back. Wearing a romper is an easy way to incorporate the velvet trend into anyone’s wardrobe. Rompers are extremely comfortable and can be worn in all seasons just by adding the right accessories. The mix of the girly romper and edgy boots adds a new twist to the velvet trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Adding accessories is important to complete an outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces and to be bold.”