Every spring and summer, we see the ever popular floral print be reintroduced. But the print has changed ever so slightly in the past few years. With folk festivals and hipster copy-cats popping up on Instagram faster than a McDonald’s chain, it can be hard to figure out how to make a trend all your own. That’s why this Fashionista’s outfit was instantly eye-catching.

She made an old print feel refreshed and subtle. Instead of the bright, multi-coloured patterns we are used to seeing, she took a more understated approach to summer dressing. This Fashionista instead took style tips from the past and made them anew, by shopping vintage of course. This light blue tank top had a larger print, making it more cohesive with the overall look. The cut of the top is surprisingly modern and fits like a glove against her petite frame.

She completed this vintage vibe outfit with a black knit cardigan, keeping the look airy during the hotter months. This Fashionista continued to add to her timeless look with denim shorts, thrifted and rolled for an effortless look. Also, what is a bohemian look without rings? Nothing, of course, and that’s why she added three to her look. Finally to keep the focus on her outfit, she rocked leather sandals that featured small buckles for discreet detail.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When vintage shopping, the number one thing to look for is fit. If something fits you perfectly and without tailoring, then absolutely buy it. You can deal with smells or small stains easily. Trust me, the dry cleaners will become your new best friend!”