STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vintage Is The New Black

Lately, all the rage on campus is vintage of all types—throwbacks and flashbacks alike! This week, I have noticed a comeback in vintage apparel, without the need of thrifting. It seems as if trends are making vintage the new black of the season. Vintage, even from a thrift shop, is becoming an essential staple this season as it is becoming infused with the modern taste.

I spotted this Fashionista leaving class and she exemplifies the perfect vintage-inspired outfit. She is wearing a wool jacket with leather accents to shield away from the chilling temperatures. Underneath, she is wearing a black top with a cream skirt that is sparingly checkered. Her skirt is stylish and boldly shows off the new trend of vintage with a modern twist. You can always opt for a checkered skirt to evoke vintage fashion. She decided to wear snakeskin shoes, which are making a comeback in footwear and accessories. Notice how her socks not only keep her warm, but are rolled down for that vintage appeal!

This Fashionista finishes her outfit with a checkered scarf in a neon lime color. The checkered print ties together the whole outfit perfectly. Of course, to truly wrap up and be on the go to and from classes, oversized wingtip sunglasses are great for the bright light from the sun and snow!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take a risk. Try some new styles out from either what’s popular now, or even back then. You’d be surprised how a throwback becomes a comeback.”