Colder weather is FINALLY here. Although I usually shy away from the winter wonderland and stay inside with a cup of tea, this year I feel more than ready to break out my comfy sweaters and knit knee socks.

This Fashionista seems pretty ready for the winter weather too with her chic and comfortable look. She pairs a comfy sweater with a pair of black skinnies, a fur vest and maroon accessories.

Her fur vest is my favorite part of her look because it adds such a cute and trendy element. It complements the neutrals in her outfit perfectly while adding texture and a sense of personal style that feels very European-inspired.

Vests became popular again on the fashion scene a couple of years ago, but lately have taken a much more stylish twist. A street stylist, like this Fashionista, can create a look much more fashionable and fun just by adding a fur vest, or a jean vest. No longer is the sporty puffer vest, that might suggest we are ready to go hiking, our only option.

This Fashionista completes her look with touches of dark maroon in her cross-body bag and chic loafers. I found that all over Europe a neutral palette was popular. Black, tan and gray dominated most of the street style, with only touches of color in a pair of sneakers or an accessory to add a point of interest.

Dark maroon is the perfect color to add to your outfit because it is subtle and warm. When paired with her fashionable vest, this Fashionista is prepped for the colder weather and looking cute and comfy too.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always find ways to make your outfit comfortable. A fur vest is a great place to start.”