Attending a state flagship university definitely has its perks. The games are bigger, the competition is fiercer and of course the fashion is fabulous. Your campus is absolutely what you make it. Whether you love the club you’re in or you’re a die hard sports fan, you should be involved on campus. Fashionistas can be involved, too. Here at Maryland we have all different types of fashion clubs that you can join. Even if you cannot find a club your interested in, the beauty of a big school like Maryland is that you and a few friends can start a club of your own.

This Fashionista knows how to stay involved on campus while staying stylish. She is wearing a black skater skirt with tights that look like knee-high socks and a pair of Timberland boots. However, the highlight of her look is her lettered varsity jacket she has from a club she is involved with on campus. Her co-ed fraternity gave all its members jackets. Not only are the jackets lettered with her name, but it’s also super stylish! Her jacket definitely caught my eye as I was rushing to class because it looks so cute and it is a great representation of her organization.

The pairing of a skater skirt and knee-high socks is a very common look on campus because while it is mildly dressy, it is also casual enough to wear to class. Being a Fashionista requires more than just looking good everyday. You should balance looking good with good academic standing and involvement on campus. I challenge you to join a fashion club or start your own and spread your wealth of style advice and tips on your own campus. The world can never have enough Fashionistas!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you are wearing something from your club make sure you look good because you want to represent your club well. You want people to think ‘Oh she looks good, maybe I want to join too.’ That is a good way to make people join.”