This Fashionisto isn’t afraid of a little snow—well, maybe a lot of snow. We might’ve gotten about a foot here in Chicago, yet this dude still kept his style in check. I may or may not have made him take off his coat and freeze his butt off for the photos, but hey, fashion involves risks, right?

He’s got that urban lumberjack vibe going on. Is that a thing, or did I just make it up? I mean, we don’t see him cutting down any trees, but regardless, his outfit is great for a number of occasions. He can rock it in class, to a party or on a date with the woman of his dreams. I guess he could chop us some firewood, too.

He lets his personality shine through his clothing, and that’s something worth admiring. His ability to sport different patterns tells us that he’s fun and self-expressive. The contrast between the printed-pocket T-shirt and plaid flannel works well, really letting the navy blue pop. To keep things dynamic, he went with a loose fitted look on top and kept it tight at the bottom. Why be boring? But he didn’t stop there. Most guys would have, but that’s what sets this Fashionisto apart from the rest. This stud threw on a green beanie and a killer watch to grab the ladies’ attention. Combining a flannel, some skinnies and work boots make for a bold, urban-grunge look, but once a guy accessorizes, you know he’s killing the fashion game. Confidence is key, so take some advice from this Fashionisto.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress with confidence, and dress to impress. That confidence will emanate through you. Even better, dress like you want to turn heads, like you want a double take from that girl across the room. Believe in what you wear.”