I know I’m not the only one who hates walking around campus in sweats, Ugg boots and a hoodie every single day just trying to keep warm. Sometimes it can get annoying feeling like an abominable snowman walking from class to class especially when you’re trying to impress that cute guy next to you. I’ve had the problem where I want to wear something super cute but the coat I have just isn’t thick enough that it keeps me warm.

This Fashionista has that problem all straightened out. This fur hooded coat is a great example of staying warm and stylish on those days where the weather feels like we’re living in the tundra. When I first saw this coat, I fell in love with the fur collar. It’s so big and fluffy and when you put it on it protects your face from the cold and it doesn’t make you look like the abominable snowman. This coat’s longer silhouette, helps you to stay even warmer and is super versatile. You could wear this coat to class or on the weekends when you’re going downtown with friends. Just pair it with a cute pair of touch screen gloves and a warm scarf and you’re ready to brave the cold!

It’s no secret that fur (faux or real) has been a trend this season. According to this Fashionista, this coat was originally very expensive but she got it at a bargain price. This is true for a lot of nice coats like this. You definitely get what you pay for but I say the price is worth it if it’s fashionable and functional.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My secret is to make my outfit look like I put a lot of effort in when I really didn’t. This coat especially helps me do that. Chic and warmth can exist in brutal winters!”