The weather is finally breaking in New York! We survived the weekly snow storms and brutally cold winds! Right now, we are going through a transitional period. It’s warm enough to throw on your favorite dress that you’ve been dying to wear all winter, but it’s still too cold to wear the dress on it’s own. How do you make your dress appropriate for this up and down weather? Throw on winter accessories with your dress to keep warm.

This Fashionista started with a khaki green lace slip dress. I love how she toughened up a girly lace dress with a leather motorcycle jacket. She also incorporated the khaki trend with the color of her dress. She demonstrated the hard and soft trend that has been going around for a while. To keep her legs warm, she accessorized with distressed tights. It added a grungy element to this outfit. Sticking with the hard and soft theme, she completed her outfit with black studded boots. This outfit is a perfect way to transition into spring. The leather motorcycle jacket is a great outwear piece to layer with a thin slip dress besides a typical blazer. It’s a cool and chic way to keep warm in this unstable temperature.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Feel that your dress is too flirty and feminine? Toughen up, and throw on some combat boots and a leather jacket. The hardness of the leather jacket and boots and the softness of the dress is the perfect balance for each other.”