STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Totally Rad, Perfectly Plaid

This time of year as the temperature begins to drop, a college Fashionista’s go-to garment is a traditional plaid button-down. It’s not too heavy for hot classrooms, but its just right for chillier days. But soon, the plaid button-down monotony begins to set in and while everyone seems to be proudly rocking the staple of fall, one can grow tired of the endless plaid parade.

No need to fear ladies and gents, this is not a funeral march for plaid, but rather a chance for it to be reinvented. By getting more creative with the pattern, this Fashionista has taken her favorite fall trend and made it her own. This adorable plaid dress from Free People offers a simple and easy option for a quick outfit on the go. The fabric is a warm cotton, but isn’t an overbearing flannel, making this dress ideal for New York City fall weather. It is endlessly versatile, and can be worn almost anywhere. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and comfort is always key in New York, especially for city adventures. Taking the simple, loose dress and pairing it with fun accessories can bring a personal feel to an otherwise average outfit.

This Fashionista is no stranger to bringing her own personal style to her outfits. By pairing the dress with over-the-knee white socks, she adds a feeling of coziness to the outfit, accentuating her long legs perfectly. Both brown or black boots would work to tie together her ensemble, but the chestnut boots chosen by this Fashionista perfectly completes her look. The simple cream scrunchie on her wrist both ties up her aesthetic and her hair in a cinch while bringing back a nice homage to an earlier time in fashion history. Everything about this outfit screams adorable. Every accessory choice works in tandem to provide the loose, cozy aesthetic signature to this ensemble. Sometimes being a trendsetter doesn’t come from finding an entirely new look but from reinventing an old one.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You have to be a little dangerous when it comes to fashion. Trust your gut. If you like it, wear it. Don’t focus on replicating what you see in magazines. Make fashion your own. What you wear should be who you are.”