As Fashionistas, we should thank the person who invented tights. I bet at the time they didn’t know they would be a savior to the girl who wanted to wear her favorite dress during winter. Not only do they keep you from getting cold but they also add more interest to your look especially if you’re layering other pieces in your look. And they make it totally acceptable to wear a dress on those warmer cold days of winter. So shove the pants aside and pick up that dress and some tips from this Fashionista I spotted.

First, observe the power of tights. This Fashionista’s look without the tights would have come off as casual, but the combination of black tights and black boots elevates the look so it’s just a bit dressier. Are opaque black tights not your style? That’s fine! Since these have become a staple in most Fashionista’s wardrobes many style are currently available, such as a floral, mock knee socks and heart pattern. Another great piece to have is a skater dress; this too is a versatile piece for layering and can be worn under sweaters for colder months or alone in warmer weather. Speaking of sweaters the long gray cardigan this Fashionista wears is absolutely adorable. As a self-professed sweater lover I deem this cardigan as a must-have for anyone’s wardrobe. This look is then finished off with cute cutout booties that can also be worn again come spring. So there you have it, this Fashionista shows off the right way to rock a dress in the winter and how to elevate your look from casual to classic by adding some tights.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Add layers to your look; it makes your look seem more intricate and allows you to mix and match pieces.”