STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: There's No Business Like Snow Business

Unless you go to school in Texas, you’re most likely feeling the bite of winter. Here in Boone, we can’t seem to escape our weekly snow storms that cause the town to go into a state of panic. While I’m sure we all would rather stay in and drink hot chocolate and watch Netflix, we, unfortunately, have to face our cold walks to class.

When the cold weather hits, it’s as if students can’t seem to find anything but leggings, T-shirts and sweatshirts, but not this Fashionista! She slays the cold weather fashion game while braving the cold and keeping warm in her long printed coat.  The print keeps her outfit interesting, while the warmth of the jacket saves her from the biting wind and snow. On days like this one when Mother Nature takes a break from raining snow on our small college town, the sun is bright and the wind is still whipping, but this Fashionista doesn’t let it get her down. She shields the sun with her aviators and the wind with her adorable, printed gloves. You can find this Fashionista strutting around the interior design department in her black suede booties and a bright smile. And what’s the perfect pop of color in this Fashionista’s classic black and white ensemble? Her bright turquoise earrings!

Don’t let the snow bring you down, and definitely don’t let it keep you from strutting your most-stylish self across campus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay warm! There’s snow reason to hide behind layers of less-than-cute garments just because it’s cold outside. Dress up your outfit and have fun!”