Last year’s normcore trend is on its way out, making room for its chicer minimalist cousin. The problem with minimalism is that it has the tendency to lose its edge quickly; it seems as if the style leaves little room for experimentation. In actuality, however, minimalism is a loose definition that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It only requires shying away from excessive embellishment.

During a recent visit to Georgetown University, I found a Fashionista whose outfit represented a different take on minimalism. The idea of less is more was still evident, but there was nothing boring about her look. She dressed up a seemingly regular winter outfit with a pastel plaid scarf that cut through the dark tones in the rest of her outfit. It is incredible what the right choice of accessories can do to a look. Hers was simple with only a few key pieces: an A-line coat, some denim and some trusty boots and socks. Her look’s color palette, restricted to dark neutrals, was also minimal in essence.

Letting the scarf be the statement piece was a clever choice because it draws attention to where the rest of this Fashionista’s look’s subtle details are. The gold buttons, for example, add bling to the look without overpowering the scarf. Therefore, a relatively bright scarf can really change the vibe of a minimalistic winter outfit, eliminating its potential to be bland. It can also highlight accent details while staying in the spotlight.

For the remainder of the winter season, give fun scarves a go. Make one a signature wardrobe piece and feature it in as many winter outfits as possible. Just remember to opt for a scarf that is in tune with personal style—that is the only way it will be special.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?For winter looks, don’t be afraid to go light. Light spring colors make winter colors pop.”