Being fashionable can have its ups and downs. Most of the time, being fashionable knocks out being comfortable and reasonable to fulfill our stylish craves and needs. Girls stumble down the sidewalks in their perfectly patterned heels, and guys find themselves sweating at parties just to pull off the latest preppy trend of wearing a button-up with a sweater. Everyone does it from time to time because we all know that in the end it’s worth the blisters and sweat stains to be complimented for looking your best.

One thing that I have noticed about guys is that they are constantly stuffing their pockets with wallets, keys and phones and juggling important paperwork and everyday items in their hands. Most guys fear using a bag to carry these items because of the idea that bags are normally a women’s accessory and they don’t know how to make a bag stylish. Man bags are not only practical and convenient but they can also turn a look from boring to chic. A leather man bag can transform ordinary business suit or causal work attire into a professional and presentable look for a meeting or company dinner. A cloth man bag is mostly a summer and a daytime accessory and can be used to run errands or to take to the gym while still having a masculine look. Man bags are one of the latest trends and are making a come back in men’s daily attire not only because they are the perfect accessory for guys on the go, but because they are convenient for any Fashionisto looking to stay organized and in style.

I came across this Fashionisto while he was walking home from a day at work. This Fashionisto’s outfit caught my eye because of his chic style and overall unique look. He combined a classic cream blazerT-shirt and light washed jeans to create a simplistic look. He added a man bag, which tied all of the colors in his outfit together with his trendy accessory. His black leather man bag pulled the black leather stripe in his T-shirt out as well as highlighted his black watch and shoes. His bag turned a classic look into an attention getter and made him stand out from the crowd. His bag is used to keep track of work papers as well as personal items because he is constantly on his feet. This Fashionisto is not only stylish but smart with his accessories.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A man bag is easy to pare with any T-shirt, sweater or pant and can be used for different events all day, which is perfect for my busy schedule.”