The 1940s offered the fashion world a bit of gentility and elegance. Women of this era donned the finest of luxuries from their fur coats down to their suede Mary Janes. The world was a runway, and the ladies were killing it. Grace has always remained consistent in women’s fashion but hemlines have not. The lengths of women’s garments have fluctuated greatly over the decades. The ‘40s saw hemlines skim the calves in a style that was both demure and modest. Christian Dior’s New Look debuted in 1947 and featured full mid-length skirts with cinched waists. The look redefined womenswear.

Sure, women had no choice but to succumb to the social formalities of dress then but ladies today wear this style by choice. Midi length skirts and dresses are making a reprisal. The hemline that lays several inches below the knee is flattering on most anyone and can be found in a slew of designs. The length has made appearances on runways for Altazurra and DKNY in recent seasons and can be found frequently in the retail market. Its time for us to take some notes from our 1940s Fashionistas and give this trend a whirl.

This Florida State Fashionista clearly got the memo. She revived the midi trend with a monochromatic blend. Her full skirt shows off her curves and grazes her shins in an elongated fashion. I admire her choice of a caged top. The detail breaks up the palette and adds some personality to the ensemble. Her adorable ankle strap flats speak to the elegance of the trend’s original time period while the gold studs incorporate a feel of 2015.

Beauty break: her hot pink lipstick is killer. When putting together a monochromatic look it is beneficial to break it up with a subtle pop of color. Choosing a colored lip is a great way to achieve this. Also, let’s talk about her winged eyeliner. It’s flawless. Perfectly painted, this Fashionista finished off her look with a chunky cat eye with a wing sharp enough to kill.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My number one style advice is always look better than your enemies.”