A winter wool coat is a staple in every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe. Not only is a wool coat incredible versatile, but it is also incredibly chic and sophisticated. Personally, I love wool coats with a popped collar (like the one this fashionisto wears). It frames the face and adds also a classic touch to any ensemble.

It is not everyday that one find’s the most perfect grey-wool coat; however, this Fashionisto managed to pick up this impeccable coat in the most incredible light-elephant shade of gray during a recent trip to Barcelona. He has gotten much use out of it in the past recent months. In fact, this coat was just so perfect that an another fashionisto in the shop tried to steal the coat off of him. To say this coat was and is highly coveted would be an understatement.

As the weather shifts into spring, it can often be difficult to figure out exactly what to wear. Even though it will be getting progressively warmer throughout these next few months, don’t put up your wool coat just yet—there are definitely chic and effortless ways to incorporate your favorite wool coat into your outfits in February and March that are still weather appropriate.

To show us how he wears a wool coat in these transitional months, this Fashionisto paired his favorite wool coat with these sleek all-black Converse, stark-black jeans, a classic white T-shirt, and a leather watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “”Don’t be afraid to dress and look nice it isn’t as silly or as expensive as you might think. If you don’t care to do so no one will judge you (at least I won’t) but I promise that if you do people will notice and they will like it. If you do, keep it simple and try and figure out your own unique style without getting too funky. There always has and will be a reasonable good looking type of style that everyone can appreciate, chances are you already know what it looks like. People are pretty kind and will probably like you just the way you are, but who says the way you are shouldn’t be sharply dressed?”