Ever looked at your closet and felt overwhelmed because you just had too many outfit options? It happens to the best of us! These are the moments when I just go for a simple look because, sometimes, simplicity is best. With that said, your look doesn’t have to be boring. As this Fashionista shows us with her outfit, you can create a clean, minimalistic look that is put together and stylish.

Minimalist fashion is not season-specific. It is a timeless trend that works for every occasion without ever losing its charm. It is highlighted in this Fashionista’s look mainly through its color palette and the absence of jewelry. The crisp white of her blouse is refreshing, and is in harmony with her black heels and accessories. Even if the top seems loose, it firmly embraces her shape in a flattering and feminine way. The blue jeans nicely hug her curves and provide some strong support. I totally fell for her handbag! It is easy to carry and the perfect size for an outing at night. It also reinforces the feminine and minimalist accents of her look. Her headphones give off a cool and laid-back vibe and they, with her phone, are the go-to accessories to help kill time while waiting on friends.

The black heels pleasantly finish off the ensemble and add a sassy aspect to the outfit. Ankle strap pumps are convenient because their shape provides comfort and, in this Fashionista’s case, the height of the heels makes them easy to rock all day. Overall, this Fashionista’s look is chic, feminine and adaptable to any dress code.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, I always go for simple looks that I can easily accessorize if I choose to do so. I always take my style to the next level with some heels and since I love wearing them during the day, I choose low ones. That way, I merge fashion and comfort all in one pair.”