STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Army Green Jacket We All Love

Everybody owns one. You do. I do. We ALL do. The army green military jacket you can find in almost every store is still trending and can be worked into just about every and any outfit under the sun. It’s the perfect accent to put an edge on your outfit or even warm yourself up when it’s cooler out. Whether you’ve got some retro patches on yours or a few sparkly jewels, it’s an essential piece to your closet!

This Fashionista I found on campus was rocking just a basic military jacket but added a belt around it to bring the outfit together. I love this look because of how simple it is, yet pretty creative I’d say! The black floral dress and the neutral colors around it make this girl’s style laid back and still cute! This definitely is an outfit I could see myself wearing! Along with it, she’s rocking some booties, a super cute drawstring bag, and a hat to “top” it all off! I love that she is not wearing really any jewelry and just focused on the wardrobe itself. The day I found her it was about 60 degrees in Tampa; not too hot, not too cold. This outfit was a perfect fit for a day like that. Even though she was on her way to class, this outfit could be warn out on a date, to lunch or even to a concert!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To always be super trendy and cute. The season is changing here in Florida and it’s starting to get warmer. So, adding a cute lightweight jacket is the best way to help the transition into the new season.”