STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The '90s Are Always Appropriate

If you haven’t noticed already during the past summer and fall seasons, some of the biggest trends have developed from the ‘90s grunge look. Yes, this era has brought about many of our everyday trends such as flannels paired with denim shorts, leather boots and choker necklaces, but have you ever wondered how you can incorporate more unique ‘90s trends into your outfits during the colder months? This Fashionista seems to have found the perfect solution.

If you live in Ohio, you already know how crazy the winter months are, weather-wise. One day, it’s below freezing with a foot of snow on the ground, and the next day it warms up 40 degrees more and people assume it’s warm enough to throw on shorts and a T-shirt. Surprisingly, there are many ways to meet in the middle and prepare for these fluctuations in a fashionable manner. Here at Kent State University, this Fashionista was spotted on a mildly cold day wearing an outfit perfectly suitable for the winter season, that also incorporates some great ‘90s-inspired pieces to her overall look.

The main focus of this outfit is to show how one can combine ‘90s grunge with more feminine pieces, yet still maintain a look that is suitable for the cold, and this Fashionista has done just that. The pieces that stood out the most in relation to the ‘90s are the royal blue velvet crop top along with the oversized denim jacket (which happens to be from her dad’s closet, if you need a source of inspiration). The fabric of the top adds texture to the look and catches the eye instantly, while the jacket gives her a boyish, “don’t mess with me” kind of edge. In order to tone down the look, she adds a feminine touch through the charcoal skater skirt. She also keeps covered by wearing black opaque tights and tops off the outfit with black lace-up booties and minimal gold jewelry.

Sure, trends from past decades come and go, but for now it seems that ‘90s fashion might stick around for a while. So, if you are also stuck trying to incorporate your favorite pieces from the past into your winter wardrobe, then feel free to take this advice into consideration and create your own look (maybe you’ll even find something in mom/dad’s closet that you might learn to love!).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It is perfectly okay to wear pieces from your summer/spring closet during the colder months, as long as you are confident in what you wear. The key is to layer and cover up in order to keep warm while simultaneously remaining stylish.”