The trendy styles these days are totally far out! Literally. This summer season is very ’70s and I could not be more stoked (see what I’m doing here?). Your average cross-body bag is drab and fringe bags are totally fab. With the season of outdoor festivals like Coachella and Firefly, a bohemian look is sought after and a fringe bag is perfect to wear!

Something else to think about to add to the ’70s look, is a felt hat. Felt hats are the move this summer! I’m thinking the cover of Carly Simon’s album “No Secrets.” The felt hat is just so trendy no matter what era you’re in and I’m so happy it’s made a come back! Paired with the right pieces, this hat gives such a relaxed, classy look with a bohemian twist. As you read this, you may think the felt hat is a little wintery, but when paired with the right outfit pieces, it looks summery and fabulous!

How can you style your outfit around a fringe purse? Check out what this Fashionista did! She paired a pair of black jeans with a stylish white tank top. She then adds the perfect felt hat to complete that ’70s look. With a killer pair of heeled sandals, this Fashionista has the raddest outfit! Notice how the whole outfit uses fairly neutral colors but the different pieces and textures bring the outfit to life!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like staying simple and having pieces that are useful and that’s why I love fringe bags and felt hats. They keep my outfit stylish yet the bag is able to hold my necessities and the hat can keep the sun out of my eyes which is great!”