STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: That’s Fringe-ing Cute!

Summer style is in full swing on campus, and this beautiful Fashionista knows just how to show it off. What really caught my attention was this shirt; it’s “fringe-ing” cute! I have seen a lot of fringe lately, but I haven’t seen it done like this, and I love it.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I really love fringe any way you wear it! Fringe boots, fringe kimonos, fringe bags and now fringe shirts, too. It is fashionable whatever way it’s worn. Fringe gives off the perfect summertime vibes because it reminds me stylistically of Native American clothing, which always brings to my mind tribal patterns, hot, sunny days and wild nights filled with lots of adventure. It’s definitely one of those “put you in a good mood” kind of styles.

The next best thing about this particular outfit was the detailed gold chain necklace she wore with it. It’s simple in design but at the same time has a lot going on because there are so many chains and all of them are different lengths. I see this a lot too, and I think it’s another great summer trend. Layering necklaces are everywhere, and it’s so popular because every combination of different necklaces can be unique to the one who wears them. Plus, it’s really easy and fun to break up a long shirt with fun accents of jewelry.

Finally, I thought her bag was the perfect accessory to complete this outfit. In the summertime, we often don’t want to carry around that backpack we’ve been using all year and so we opt for something lighter and also more stylish. That’s where the oversized tote comes in. It still fits everything we need inside and complements our summer style. This one followed her friendly, carefree and comfortable vibes nicely, and without taking away too much attention from her adorable outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Beauty doesn’t always have to be painful. You can look good and be comfortable at the same time.”