When I say sweater weather you’re probably thinking of the type of outfit that is perfect for the crisp air of fall, and yet here we are in the middle of winter. So, then what’s that all about?

Here in central Illinois, the weather has been crazy warm for being the middle of winter. It’s been so warm that some days you can go to class in just your sweater. Thus, the title “sweater weather.” Most of us will still layer up before heading to class assuming that it’s winter, so it’s always cold. But I love how this Fashionista is not afraid to take just her sweater to the streets.

There are a couple of things about this sweater that I was immediately drawn to. You would know from reading my last post that I love a good neutral piece and this sweater takes it to the next level with some neutral color blocking at the shoulders. With neutrals it’s easy to showcase your style through colorful and unique accessories like this Fashionista’s pendant necklace.

Another thing about this sweater that I was drawn to was the classic shape and I love how it’s the length of a tunic. Because of the shape, it’s a great transition piece from day to night. Since easy wearable style is something us college Fashionistas can’t get enough of, this is debatably the perfect sweater.

Looking for that perfect sweater? Try something classic, oversized or something bold.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find that one perfect sweater that you can wear all through fall and winter because it’s all you need to stay cozy and warm.”