November 18th, 2015 at 2:10am

Out with the shorts, in with the sweaters; here in California, “sweater weather” is finally approaching. This Fashionista, like myself, is a fan of comfort along with style. By pairing leggings, a sweater, and boots with a few accessories, you can put a twist on the classic fall outfit.

The dark olive green sweater is the perfect color for fall. It has a subtle contrast in color with the black leggings and blends nicely with the brown riding boots.

This week’s style advice is creating your own “accessory” through adding a small bit of a pattern in an outfit. This Fashionista creates hers by pairing a black and white striped shirt under a dark green sweater. The stripes create a contrast with the knit, textured sweater through both the color and the pattern. It is a bold statement, yet both the pattern on the sweater and the striped shirt blend well together.

The stand out metallics in her necklace and bracelets also add her own fashion twist to her outfit. Though the sharp points on the necklace are a very different shape from anything else in the outfit, they pop against the dark, more matte tone of the sweater. The black leggings are simple and help the accessories stand out.

The riding boots complete this outfit. The sweater, boots and leggings, though they make up the majority of the outfit, are fairly neutral in color and allow for the striped shirt, necklace, and bracelets to stand out. These accessories, mainly the striped shirt under the sweater, put a twist on a classic fall outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to use patterns to create a subtle contrast and standout element within an otherwise classic outfit. The stripes pop out from the sweater and the addition of a necklace and bracelets make the outfit her own.”