STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Surviving the Southern “Winter”

It could sound like a bit of a crime to say that we are experiencing a cool front here in the sunshine state, but for us Fashionistas/os that love our warm weather, we don’t do too well when it’s less than 75 degrees. No matter what season we might think we’re experiencing at UT, we will never want to give up our sundresses and sandals. So what’s a Fashionista to do?

Even if the wind chill goes down, the style still stays above average on this campus. Covering up with a light jean jacket like this Fashionista’s kept her warm and didn’t take away from her spring-inspired outfit. Because many of our closets consist of outfits waiting to be pulled out once the heat moves in, it’s nice to know how to make them work when the weather gets tough. The simple detail of the jean jacket can be interchangeable with an open cardigan or maxi cardigan if you’re feeling daring.

Everything about this Fashionista’s outfit reminds me of a picture you would see on Tumblr. She won me over at first glance with her sunflower-printed sundress. Not only does this give the outfit an energetic look and a spring vibe, but it also combines perfectly with her jean jacket. Her shoe game would score a 10 out of 10 due to her fierce gladiator sandals that give this look the right amount of edginess. The dangling earrings and sunglasses finalize the look. She shows us how to survive this “winter” while looking trendy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Since it is chillier, it’s easy to layer a cute jacket over a sundress that you would wear on a warmer day without anything else.”