STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Surviving Midterms

Spring is just around the corner teasing us with a warm, sunny day here and there. Additionally, Spring Break is almost here too. Always the perfect time to get bombarded with midterms! This Fashionista cures the midterm woes by studying at the nearest trendy coffee shop, in a chic but comfortable outfit.

For this look, she went for an ultra soft and cozy turtleneck, which is super on trend for this season. The loose fit of this top keeps it comfortable to wear while getting your work done, while the sophistication of the neckline and fabric keeps this Fashionista looking put together. Combining the top with a pair of jeans keeps the look from getting cozy enough to become pajamas and the ankle boots dress it up even more. The matching oversized tote is perfect for your laptop, books and any snacks you might need to stay energized.

Getting ready for the day is a great way to stay motivated and get things done, so keep that in mind before you opt for sweatpants on a study day. This Fashionista did just that for those long hours of going over notes as she found the perfect spot to get away and focus on her midterms before heading out for spring break. This space promotes cognitive and creative thinking and provides a calm and productive environment.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep it simple, dress comfortable and casual, especially during midterms week! I like simple colors and simple pieces that compliment my shape.”